30 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge: Day 9


Favorite “bad guy” and why?

No-Face (he was bad momentarily!)image

I just love that he was so confused. He didn’t know what he wanted to be or how people should see him as. And when you think about it, it makes you wonder whether we’re all like him. 


Day 08 - A movie that makes you sad

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)


I can’t think of any other film that made me cry as much as this one. Even when I think about Grave of the Fireflies I start to get teary-eyed. A Studio Ghibli film that absolutely crushes all of your soul and stomps the…

iPhone user:I'm so excited to get the iPhone 6
Android user:Why do people with iPhones think they're so much better than everyone else
iPhone user:I just like this pho-
Android user:The Samsung Anus5000 had that screen *snort* like 2 years ago! *glomping noise* How are you enjoying 2012 you mindless sheeple?? *uses inhaler to suppress incoming asthma attack*

friends meme: 4/5 moments · ”i got my girls”

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Follow up to [X]

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alright now i used to hate pitbull because it seemed like the right thing to do but you know what i never hear him doing fucked up shit. as far as i know he is really just out there living life ,enjoying himself, visiting walmarts, and spreading the cubano party into the hearts of everyone around the world, he is mr. world wide and hes having a blast and i respect and love that pitbull. pitbull if youre reading this thank you and im sorry   

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This was my chemistry professor.

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Pottermore - Goblet of Fire favourite moments

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whats the difference between bi people and unicorns

i can see unicorns on movies and tv

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